for evaluation of impact of


on the youth career services

Dear participant, This questionnaire is aimed to evaluate the impact of the Virtual Career Center on-line database ( working with youth with fewer opportunities of the Leonardo da Vinci project “Developing youth career services” N: 2002-BG/02/B/F/PP-132 018, prepared by a transnational team. Your opinion is of a great importance for the future development and application of these products in practice. Please, select the answer you agree with.

1. The project products improve the flexibility of young people in education and job searching process
3 2 1 0
2. The project products improve the quality of existing youth career services
3 2 1 0
3. By using those products the opportunities for integration of disadvantaged youth in the labour market is improved
3 2 1 0
4. Provision of free access to information resources (project products) creates opportunities and conditions for increasing employability of youth
3 2 1 0
5. Project products are applicable in your country
3 2 1 0
6. Project products can contribute for unification and quality improvement of career counseling services in your country
3 2 1 0

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